Major Service items

Large-scale engineering equipment, frame boxes, large-scale industrial equipment, excavators, loaders, yachts, road rollers, crawler cranes, boilers, hydraulic tanks, various types of reactors and other large-scale equipment transportation and various over-limit equipment and engineering machinery transportation. Large-scale four super (long, super wide, ultra-high, overweight) cargo transportation; large-scale projects of large-scale frame box transport business.

Elink has a group of highly qualified and experienced employees in foreign trade agency. Our export agency services include domestic and international customer orders acceptance, signing trade contracts, international shipping, booking, export declaration, documents issuing, export inspection, export collection, export cancellation, export tax rebate, risk control and other full services.

Elink International Logistics has a professional purchasing team that can provide global purchasing and provide customers with the best procurement plan. Perfect global agency network can undertake door-to-door double clearing delivery service, letting you stay at home, goods arrived in the world!

Elink has created a professional and excellent team of employees. Most of the employees have years of experience in freight business operations. The company has special personnel in charge of the transportation of bulk cargoes, providing international and domestic major equipment and large parts. Goods, bulk grain, loose or other charter or charter services. At the same time, the company represents a number of carriers of the business, is operating in the Chinese port to India and Pakistan, the Middle East routes; the domestic Yangtze River Valley and Bohai Bay, has gradually become the industry leader.

Elink has professional sales and experienced customer service team, who are familiar with the packaging requirements for dangerous goods transportation and the shipping line's booking requirements for dangerous goods, and can provide customs declaration, inspection, fumigation and insurance for customers. Box inspection, agent chemicals identification, dangerous package licenses and other services. Elink can undertake multiple types of dangerous goods in LCL, FCL, air transport import and export business.

Elink is specialized in chemical international logistics and chemical logistics. The scope of current chemical operations includes: liquids, powders, solids, etc. We can also provide verification for fine chemicals, foods, pharmaceuticals, intermediates, organic chemicals, inorganic chemicals, agrochemicals, additives, additives, coating adhesives, polymers , flavors, fragrances, cosmetics, pigments, etc. We are a long-term partner with DHL FedEx EMS. According to your different needs, we can provide you with the most suitable and best quality services for you, and save you more, provide our customers with "safe, punctual, fast and convenient" full service.

In the modern market structure, the internal supply chain management of enterprises has been extended and developed into industrial chain management, and the resources for management have expanded from the internal to the external. Under this condition, Elink has established a chain of interlocking supply chains, enabling multiple companies to achieve collaborative management and coordinated operations under a single overall management, which in turn enables us to have a stronger integration capability and management level. Such soft power can effectively safeguard the operation of the logistics supply chain.

One-stop door-to-door service can be arranged according to customer needs, such as pick up and delivery, warehousing (if necessary), export declarations, cargo insurance agent, CO, fumigation certificate, phytosanitary certificate and other related services. Track the status of the goods and feedback information in time to ensure the safety of the goods. We have our own trucking team, complete facilities and professional operating, which can be sent to the whole country.

We have 10 years of experience in the international shipping of personal items, with independent and flexible transportation solutions. We can provide professional international transportation services for foreigners, immigrants, and consulate staff. According to customer's needs , we tailored packaging, transportation, insurance and other optimal one-stop shipping solutions. We arrange professionals to check the goods, pick up, and make customs declaration, transportation until the destination delivery to the door. According to the characteristics of the customer's goods, we provide reasonable packaging, and reinforcement, to ensure that your cargo is safe and non-destructive to the destination. In terms of the differency, the relevant documents required for customs clearance will be used to ensure the smooth transportation of the goods.

Elink mainly operates Refrigeration Logistics from Shanghai to Chengdu, Chongqing, Beijing, Tianjin, Xiamen, Wuhan, Northeast China, and in Shanghai City limit, We can Refrigeration warehouse: (-18℃ ~ -22℃) Provide standard distribution of frozen logistics such as frozen food, meat, ice cream, and other goods.
Refrigeration logistics: (0℃ ~ 10℃) Provide standard refrigeration logistics and distribution such as: fruits, vegetables, beverages, fresh milk products, various types of cakes, and various food ingredients.
Constant temperature logistics: (18℃ ~ 22℃) Provide standard insulation, temperature-controlled logistics service such as: chocolate, confectionery, biopharmaceuticals, special-demand chemical products, and more.
We have Refrigeration warehouse: (-18℃ ~ 22℃) Provides standard frozen, refrigerated, and constant temperature storage services.