Not forgetting the original intention and going forward with Elink

Not forgetting the original intention and going forward with Elink

Documentary services

Positioned as the Global International Documentary Service Center, we are committed to serving overseas Chinese-funded enterprises, overseas industrial parks, and other customers with documentary service needs. Through technological systems, we empower businesses to improve customs clearance efficiency and reduce operating costs. Leveraging our overseas resources and relevant experience, we provide customers with global international documentary services.

Warehousing at home and abroad

Warehousing network and overseas warehouse transportation services: integrating global central warehouses with Southeast Asian consolidation warehouses and global overseas warehouses, implementing satellite overseas warehouse wave transportation; supporting multiple languages such as Chinese, English, and Russian, supporting synchronized management of multi-country and multi-warehouse operations, and collaborating with multinational teams. Building an industry-leading smart warehouse and realizing the pioneering use of smart logistics technology in intelligent manufacturing supply chains.

Cross-border logistics

Design and optimize cross-border logistics solutions for customers, providing a one-stop, highly flexible and customized air freight service that covers the entire process from overseas pick-up, international air transportation, import and export customs clearance, warehousing, and distribution. We meet customers' comprehensive and multi-dimensional needs. We handle pick-up, delivery, customs declaration, customs clearance, and storage services on behalf of customers, and provide comprehensive transportation services for various types of goods.

Supply chain finance

By leveraging innovative digital platforms, we offer comprehensive financing services to businesses. Through standardized risk control and blockchain technology, we have achieved an efficient supply chain finance process, helping companies optimize their fund operations and enhance trade efficiency. As a technology-driven company, we provide flexible and fast financial solutions to both upstream and downstream enterprises in the supply chain.


About Us

A trustworthy digital logistics company that you can rely on.

Elink Digital Logistics Company is committed to serving Chinese cross-border e-commerce sellers. With information technology as the driving force, we aim to build a cross-border intelligent logistics management system and digital documentation system. With a global central warehouse network as the hub and supply chain finance as the support, we establish a cross-border operation risk control system. Through data empowerment, we address the pain points and pressures of cross-border e-commerce, providing you with a safe journey for your overseas expansion.
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